Thursday, December 31, 2015


"It began like a journey through the dessert. It felt like the sun dehydrated every single bit of moist on the surface. It was like phasing within a standstill; a change of lifestyle, yet, remaining in a standstill."

Indeed, 2015 began as a rough year. Constantly worried with the thought that I wouldn't have enough was enough to haunt me through. In the midst of all these, I was reminded of Matthew 6:26-30 stating, 
26 Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren’t you worth more than birds?
27 Can worry make you live longer? 28 Why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow. They don’t work hard to make their clothes. 29 But I tell you that Solomon with all his wealth wasn’t as well clothed as one of them. 30 God gives such beauty to everything that grows in the fields, even though it is here today and thrown into a fire tomorrow. He will surely do even more for you! 
For two months, I was constantly reminded of the love of God, that He shall supply all my needs. Indeed, never once, did I go hungry. In March, my plate started filling up more than I could ask. I started receiving more job opportunities, money started flowing in, and since then, I have been flooded with His abundance.

Throughout this year, I have not only witness the favour of God in finance, but also in the area of academics. Being a music graduate, I had nil knowledge of the studies in the Health Sciences. Yet, I had to undergo Statistics class, using an program I never knew how to use. For most of you who know me well, I've never been good in technology. I truly thank God for the lovely and helpful friends placed in my class who constantly guided and helped me through every hurdle, PJ, Ginny, Khor. Miraculously, I was able to pass, despite the lack of comprehension in my work until the final week before the exam, and an unhanded assignment. 

"Leaped over one hurdle. There was a even bigger hurdle ahead."

After the first Masters viva, the next problem I encountered was preparing for the methodology phase. Well, right now, I am still in this phase. Wouldn't say that I've completed it yet. But for a period of three months this year, I couldn't retrieve subjects, had problems with documentation and other complication as a researcher. 

So there I was, at a dead end, hoping for nothing else but a miracle to happen. During this whole phase, am truly grateful to Daryl and my best friend who sat patiently running through the software programs with me, designing the experiment despite their busy schedules. With the favour of God, the first half of the experiment ran well, wouldn't deny that there were glitches in between, but managed to launch accordingly. 

Approaching the end of the year, I continued to witness the favour and restoration within my family. 

This year was indeed a very chastising year for me, whereby I was constantly reminded that my faith and trust should be placed in solely in God, and not to be dependent on men. Am glad along the way, there was my family, best friends, and spiritual brothers and sisters who constantly reminded me of the love of God.

It is the last five hours of the year. People keep asking me, what goals do I target for next year? Do I worry about next year? Do I worry because I have let go of the things that mattered most to me? Or do I regret my choices?
Well, I am human, in nature. So yes, I DO worry about tomorrow. Denying that very fact, would mean denying my feelings as a mortal. But as far as I am concerned, I have come to realize that God holds my world in His hands. He has made the impossible, POSSIBLE, so long as I continually keep my eyes focused on Him. And it is because of Him, I know that my future is secure. 

To all my peers, thank you so much for making 2015 an extraordinary and meaningful year for me. 
Blessed New Year!! 

Fi xoxo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Koh Lipe ~ The Asian getaway

Hi guys, 

Sorry for the extremely late update despite being back from Lipe a month ago. In case most of you are wondering, Koh Lipe is one of the Thai islands. To get to Lipe, we took a flight to Langkawi, and a two hour ferry from Langkawi itself. All in all, took us maybe about almost a whole morning and afternoon to reach Koh Lipe (delay was mostly due to the immigration check before we left to Thailand. 

                                                                      Langkawi port

We arrived at Lipe around 4pm (a little deeper into the sea, away from the shore). I had no idea why my friends were discussing about water proved bags, until I stepped out of the ferry. From sea to shore, we needed to swap from the ferry to a small longtail boat due to the shallow waters at shore. Nearby the shore, we waded through seawater before finally reaching the beach side. Welcomed by one of our friend's dad, we went on foot to our chalet. Apparently, he mentioned that Lipe was small enough, and you can technically walk around the whole island. 

Shore of Lipe
Us in the longtail boat

The little map of Lipe 

I personally liked how our chalet looked like a 'village-kampung' site; it appeared traditional with modern utilities. Yes, our shack was made out of wood, but it was equipped with air-conditioner, electric plugs, water heater and lighting. So technically, even though the roof looks like its made out of 'atap-dried leave' material, it had a modern-traditional feel to it. Our chalet faced Sunset beach; in the mornings, we had breakfast served overlooking the sea. 

Outside the Chalet
Our kampung

Since Koh Lipe is a small island surrounded by sea, our daytime activities mostly covered canoeing and diving. Lipe island is quiet during the day, most tourists hang out by the beach side or out in the sea. In order to spend time productively on the island, Daryl and I decided to take our dive license. 

Our whole evening on the first day of arrival was spent looking for a dive center with good packages. After hours of searching and haggling with the divemaster, our whole group finally settled for Forra Diving Center. Since Daryl and I were the only ones without a Diving license, the both of us spent our second day watching diving videos in Forra Cafe, one of the branches at Sunrise beach. 

                                                        Forra Diving/Cafe ~ Sunrise beach

During high tide, our instructor brought us for some basic dive practical lessons: learning how to breathe underwater, mask clearing, buoyancy and some others. 

                                                        Diving equipment in the shop

On the third day, we were finally allowed to join the rest of our friends out for open water dive. Being a first-timer on a boat, I didn't realize that eating a heavy meal would make me sea-sick, so the rest is history. I had my fair share of sea experiences: having dizzy spell due to the choppy sea, fixing up my diving equipment on a moving boat. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the part where Daryl accidentally opened the toilet door when it was not vacant. 

I enjoyed the experience whereby I was able to float on the surface of the sea, just staring into the blue skies while the waves just drifted me further down. Unlike the choppy surface, the sea feels more calm, 18 metres down. At first difficulty breathing, but after equalizing and constant mask-clearing, we were able to swim around the seabed. It was amazing how our instructor swam closely in-lined with the seabed while Daryl and I kept ascending each time the sea urchin was in sight. 
                                                                    On the boat
Diving gear
Preparation for dive

To me, diving is a whole new world of experiences, whereby you feel water surrounding you, at times with really good or poor visibility. As the depth of our dive increased, most colours like red seemed to be eliminated, so most things looked either, green, pale pink, white or blue. I enjoy diving, because unlike land, you're able to view objects: coral reefs or fans from different angles (upwards, downwards, sideways). During our dive, we encountered common creatures like moray eel, lionfish, starfishes, and a mini school of ke-po angel fish. Being curious by nature, they kept following us around on our first dive, which was pretty cool. 
Crown of thorns starfish
                                                         Pink and purple soft coral

The nights are filled with the aroma of food down a tourist area, called the 'Walking Street'. I forgot to mention that I was surprised by the number of dogs sleeping by the shops. P/S: They sleep really early, and if you're not really a dog person, being in Lipe might occasionally make you feel more irritated than peaceful. There were a number of shops selling good Thai food, and seafood. Souvenirs in Lipe are hard to find if you're looking for something pretty and cheap. The best food there was probably the Phad Thai, coconut ice cream, and definitely the tomyam. There were massage parlours almost anywhere on the Walking Street. However, almost all the parlours were full, so we spent a whole good two hours hunting for a vacant parlour (which I think was really worth the wait). 

                                                          The sidewalk ~ dog's bed

Also, if you're looking for medical treatment, I would recommend going to the pharmacy instead of the clinic (cause it's gonna cause a bomb). 7-11 is the best sundry and I-can-buy-everything shop on the Island itself. I had problems getting to used to the washrooms there at first, as there was no toilet paper available, except for the chalet. Though, I have to admit that I think having an outdoor-I-can-see-the-sky washroom was a pretty interesting and cool experience, especially with the rain. 

                                                       Walking street during the day

Koh Lipe, in my opinion, is a beautiful island, which is not too commercialized for now. The waters are really clear, we could see the corals from our boats, and while walking towards shore. I would definitely like to visit the island again sometime in the near future. 

                                                  This shot was taken on a longtail boat

So guys, that's Koh Lipe for you from me. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Graduation - Undergraduate Life

Hi guys!

I know it's been awhile since I last updated. The last few months have been making me caught up with work, and planning for the next phase.

When we were younger and wished to grow up quickly, I'd take that back now... I guess. Reminiscing my last three years on campus, I know that this is one of the phases that will remain most memorable and meaningful moments in my life. 

It all seems so fast; these 3 years that have passed. May 2011: I persuaded my reluctant parents to let me attend the audition in UM. Stepping into UM for the very first time, meeting all the rest of the people to be auditioned, the nervousness I had during the audition til I landed up at the wrong piano (brown upright piano)! I mean, come on, I was supposed to be in the performing arts... I should have known better that the grand piano would be the correct instrument for an audition. I remembered how all the lecturers laughed so hard, that awkwardness and embarrassment I felt. I remember the day I checked UPU and was excited when I found out of my entrance into UM, and the times when others would despise me for the course I took. I remember the tears my parents shed for me when I left home for the very first time.

I told my friends, that if there's one thing I'll never forget, it was the orientation in university. I'd remember the cheers we had, the torture we went through as freshman, and the amount of walk up and down the hill in KK3. Til today, I'll always remember how ridiculous it was for me and my friends to send our laundry to 4th college, and carry 5 litres of water every three days from 7th college. Well, we had very good reasons for this insane routine: there was no water filter that functioned during my first year in 3rd college. I'm glad though, in my second year I didn't have that problem since I moved to 11th. 

Throughout these three years, I have experienced bitter, sweet moments. In my first year, I recalled how I cried each day, trying so hard to memorize pieces. And the worse part was, I have never played Bach, or Chopin pieces until entering UM. The preparation for my first recital was the worst; my recital was due 5th week in Semester 1, I had only three weeks to prepare. My piano teacher ensured that I would continue playing these pieces even though it was difficult. Thus, the first time breaking down in front of my coursemates, struggling to hit every note right. 

First year got worse for me as I experienced communication breakdown. I remember how banana I was. When I tried socializing, in the end, all would end the same way, whereby most people shun away once they realize I'm English-speaking. Well, the good part is, I have learnt a little bit of Chinese. Though I had to learn via listening to constant mandarin conversations between my friends (I think I had poker face on throughout these moments). 

Senior Junior night - 1st year (Theme - School uniform)

FeSeni KK3 Choir

3rd College CC Night

In second year, I challenged myself to break out of my comfort zone, trying out new activities such as Pesta Tanglung. This one thing, I'll never regret. I met friends who shared similar passion, such as dancing. They were awesome cause they knew nothing of hate, but of warm friendship. 

Second year had its ups and downs, the sweetest and most bitter moments in my university life. There were people who would judge me based on the outward. I know one day I'll laugh over these things. I'll also remember the insane person I was when I went head and heels over a guy, eventually, crying so hard when things ended. I was however, truly blessed during that time with friends who stood beside me to pull me up again during these times. I remembered how these friends became people who I could confide in, become my crying shoulder, took me for shopping, food hunting, and forced me to practice the piano during my lowest point. During this point, I remember how my parents encouraged me, reminding me of my end goal.

I remember how I loved the lecturers in my second year, who opened my eyes to many things I was previously ignorant of. We learned about performance theories, the spiritual realm, a lot of theatrical stuff, the way music affects our soul. I remember developing a taste for post-modern music (which is kind of sad for me, cause I started disliking pop songs after). For that, I'm grateful to my lecturers, Prof Anis, Mr. Eddin Khoo and Prof Mike. 

Short and sweet dance 2012 - Butoh

SJ Night 2nd year

Pesta Tanglung 2012

PT dancers 2012

Da Yao Zombie dance 

Third year can be considered the best year for me, where things were more smooth sailing as the academic syllabuses favoured me more. Back to writing, less piano, and a lot of dancing. 
I did have my challenge as well... My final thesis. Being in week 8, semester 2, I was supposed to be almost prepared for my VIVA in week 9. I recalled how nothing was done yet, and anxiety filled me so much so that I cried, a lot. It was then my mum told me to trust God, and leave everything to Him. In that week of desperation, I met up with my technician, called several van services, and managed to get everything done by the end of week 8. To my amazement, all the lecturers compliment my work. For that, I would really thanks God for His favour and Prof Mike for his constant guidance. 

UM was the place that drove me crazy, whereby the system almost caused me my graduation a couple of times. It was the place I experienced my worst nightmares, such as stage fright, not having good night rest, bad toilets, and heartbreak. It was the time I met Obama, and almost got into trouble for being politically involved. Well, a few of us had to answer to the HEP; good thing I'm still graduating.

SJ Night 3rd year

Final year

PRK Campus election 2013

Dance Technique I class 

No TPPA during Obama talk 

The birth of my FYP (Thesis)

Oh yea, it was also the place I got drenched under the rain cause I forgot to bring umbrellas, or how I would chase the bus to class (like literally chasing the bus which ignored me on the hilly slope). Yet, it was the place I witnessed the most miracles throughout this short period of time. Then again, these are the reasons for making my university life a unique experience. I'm glad for all the wonderful and supportive friends I had. 

So, I guess this is my post for graduation. A summary of my very short three years in UM.

Before I close this chapter of my undergraduate life, I would like to thank all who have been there for me throughout these three years of my studies. And.... HAPPY GRADUATION!

Thick and thin for 3 years, you guys hold a special place in my heart

With love,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Limiting our Academic Freedom?

I'm not sure if you guys followed up know about the news regarding the retirement of Prof Redzuan from UM over a UMcedel survey which predicted that Pakatan Rakyat would win the popular vote in the 13th general election?

Tan Sri Professor Dr Ghauth Jasmon who previously served as a Vice Chancellor in UM recently revealed the constant harass by Putrajaya over the findings by the university's research centre, being reminded that they were not allowed to speak freely (an excerpt from Dr. Ghauth Jasmon's speech with the Malaysian Insider).

Another recent event during the YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Conference) this year in April 2014, a few of us stood up to raise awareness of why TPPA should be renounced. Despite the silent and peaceful protest during the conference, we were recently called for questioning by the University as to justify the reason for our protest. The issue was that the YSEALI program was hosted by the University of Malaya, not being organised by them. After receiving the email, our team member wrote to the US Embassy which was directed to the White House. In a reply, they even encouraged us to continue speaking up freely, as long as no one would experience any physical injury or so on.

In the recent meeting with the university management, they mentioned that students should not bring campus issues out to the media. They also mentioned that if we disobeyed the AUKU law, they had every single right to suspend us from the institution itself.

I did not write this post today to give you any negative impression regarding the government or local institutions. In fact, all I would like to do is to question as to why academic freedom has now been robbed from the students? And if I may repeat, even now tutors are ripped from their right to teach the truth to students!

Education is meant to teach, and impart knowledge on which a student may later decide how to utilise their knowledge, may it be the right or wrong way. But as a teacher, how can you be restricted to only imparting one side of the story? In the end, the truth which is hidden will destroy the society later on.

Take for example, drugs and medication. If one is only educated the benefits of drugs and medicine, but never told about the effect of excessive dosage, wouldn't it lead to death as well?

As you can already see, in our previous high school education, our education system has been biased all these years. When we enter tertiary education and start reading up on world history, or other external journals online, we know that our education has been limited. For what?

As a future generation, students should be given the exposure to know the truth, to obtain a balanced view from both sides. When higher institutions start barring the truths all because of political links, it is the society who is at lost. It is the students that become shallow, and unexposed to the things happening around them. I do not mean to tie the media in, but I'm sure you guys pretty much can see the difference in news reported by both local newspapers and the non-local newspapers. The information received by the general public will then become biased due to the source.

Is that really how we want our country to be? As a fresh graduate, I believe in the power of education. I believe that in all stages of education, especially in tertiary institutions, students SHOULD NOT be denied access to a balanced education. Lecturers or teachers shouldn't be restricted to delivering these facts and knowledges to students.

After all, it wouldn't be a good reputation for our country if our future generation grows up away from the light of truth. This would only make them all seem like innocent liars, unknowingly, when they come face to face to the learned ones.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Women, Sexuality and Society - Yesterday vs Today

A girl walks down the street in bikini, some men eye her as if she is their prey.

Female models are more than often, almost nude in marketing photography or in music video (which is awesome).

When a girl experiences rape, the worst thing the society could do, is to put a blame on the way she dresses. When the truth is, rapist do not actually remember what the victim wears at the time of rape (based on reports). 

In the early years of development, it is true that the role of both men and women were previously distinguished. Men were the breadwinners, while women tended household issues.‘Gender’ is the cultural meaning and form that the body acquires, the variable modes of the body’s acculturation. Based on Geddes and Thompson, behavioral and psychological differences between men and women are caused by biological causes. In other words, previously, division of work developed as a result of difference in biological factors between both males and females. 

However, over the years, in certain countries, a patriarchal system began to develop. In patriarchal societies, men were made the head, becoming more superior over women. Since then, the concept of male gaze developed. 

Male gaze refers to the way women are used in the media, entertainments, arts or performance.Their bodies are used as marketing strategies, whereby they pose nude or almost nude in both advertisements and music videos, Based on this, women are viewed and treated as objects for satisfying men’s desires. This is also referred to as a rape culture. Rape culture is a concept that links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone to rape.

In a famous music video entitled Blurred Lines, women were almost not dressed except for a piece of cloth covering their lower private part in the official video. The expressions in the video portrayed an idea to the public that women enjoy the idea of being teased sexually. When videos such as these are welcomed in our societies, the younger generation who are ignorant may think of this as normality in the society.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

In society today, women have attained a certain 'liberty' in society. We have come far, whereby women have attained a certain statute in gender equality. In today's world, women wear pants, have equal job opportunities that they did not previously have. 

However, some issues are constantly battled, are the ways female bodies are used as a sexual tools in marketing. If not, some of these photography in marketing contain photos that give the impression of men being the individual with power, while women love the idea of sex. In other words, the rape culture still strongly prevails in our society despite how much 'liberty' women have gained over the years. 

I wrote this blog today in hope that my friends will develop a sense of realization towards these issues. Womens' bodies should not be exploited in order to please the 'male gaze'. 

Women should not be judged beautiful based on the number of body curves they have, the largeness in their breast size or how thin they are. They should be respected as each of them are beautiful in their own unique ways. If we have come this far in development, women too should realize that they are no longer succumbed to the power of men and should attain the respect they deserve. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To Love or Not to Love the Country?

I guess from the title of this write-up, you'd prolly know where I got the inspiration for my title from. 

Today, the issue of "whether we should Negaraku in cinemas" was a highlight in the news. Questionable? The practice of a six-minute clip comprising of our National Anthem, "Negaraku" and two patriotic movie clips being played before all movies in the cinema starts; will be launched from next Wednesday onwards. And noted that action will be taken towards any form of disrespect shown towards the national anthem. 

So, the real question is, will the singing the national anthem make the people love Malaysia more? Or perhaps, make their hearts harden beyond than it already is?

The thing is, people are questioning if the government is actually trying to make an effort to make sure that the people 'LOVE' their country. The answer to that of course, remains... Abstract? 

So I read the online version of the news. People blame the government for corruption, crime, religious tension, education and current inflation in the country. Yes, to certain extend, I belief that the trust of the people have been stripped since a long time ago. They lost their rights towards having a democratic and free country as our ancestors once did. I understand the anger that the people hold in their hearts. 
For such reasons, we turn against every single thing the government says. The Chinese, were pointed at by our current Prime Minister, Najib to return to our origin; China, after the past elections due to 'being ungrateful'. The truth is, we know so much that all WE as Malaysians, inclusive or Malay, Indians or other ethnics in this country, were purely fighting the road to JUSTICE. The issue regarding the usage of 'Allah' in Christian religion is now barred in Malaysia. The gun shooting as Dr. Mahathir stated, happened because, "if one is given too much freedom, they would abuse that freedom." 

Through this, we can see that freedom in religion has been taken away, racism was brought up as a blame by leaders of the country. As such, the hearts of the people continue to be hardened. More people are migrating out of the country because their rights are denied. Despite all these, the government seem to be implementing practices that make the public despise them even more than before. 

I have watched students with perfect STPM score, lose their right to receiving tertiary education from local universities. I too, have seen how corruption took its foothold within our country. 

Despite all that, I managed to witness how the people of our country stood together as one after the election this year. For justice, everyone marched to Stadiums all over the country to stand together as ONE voice. From there, I then understood the true meaning of being a Malaysian. Yes, I may be born with Chinese blood. I carry the Chinese surname of generations before me. But deep within, I'm not all together Chinese-Chinese. I have mixtures in my blood, from Dutch, to Thai, to Malay, and Chinese. As my lecturer once said.."We are ALL cultural bastards!" I agree to his statement. I can no longer trace my origins. When I leave the country for holidays, I don't label myself as a Chinese from China. I call myself a Malaysian.

And yes, no matter how ruined our country may seem right now, I believe that this shouldn't make the love for our country decrease. In four days time, we celebrate our 56th year of freedom from foreign hands. Our country was once divided. Sometimes, I still see division despite the 56 years of national freedom. However, I believe too, that unity does exist among the citizens of Malaysia. 

In my opinion, I think the true road to freedom begins from within ourselves. No matter how much we may be robbed from the outside in terms of finance and trust, that doesn't rob the freedom of us to being Malaysian first. That doesn't stop us from holding unity in our hearts; maintaining love for this country.

Yes, I may not like what I read in the news regarding the ruling of our country. But, I know this much to say... An injustice government does NOT alter the amount of love towards my country. Our country is unique, rich in resources, full of multi-cultures. No matter how far I may go, Malaysia will always be my home.

What I'm really trying to say is, don't let circumstances around you, cause the love for our country to decrease. Malaysia is a beautiful country. Don't let our internal love towards Malaysia die because of the mistakes of others.

P/s: This is just a personal message from me in conjunction with our National Day. xoxo

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Dance Journey with Bridges and Kaki Lima

The night began as it was. 
Noises from the chatters of the audiences. 
Dark by the alley, away from light; where a little story would begin.
Dancers stood in by dirty bricks of wall. The silence broke into what sounded like growls of animals. The dancers began narrating stories symbolisms in signs of body language. The surrounding sounds, life which begun on the streets; where life as a narration itself begun from the very heart of Penang. The lights dimmed; and audiences followed dancers to their next 'scene'. 

                                                               Dancers by the Alley

Sounds of the siren, fights, and movements indicated defence as how it would have seemed to be like during the Japanese attacks. Screams, clashing of sticks, pain and what would seem like horror at midnight were painted. It seemed as if history brought itself back to life on these very same streets years ago.

Seated in a semicircle, it felt very theatre-like, yet, it was again an open space; except this time, by what would seem like an old-fashioned 'Home'. The windows were like Chinese houses as they were built, which still stands as it is until today in the heart of town. Typical as it was, a story about two lovers was shown. Of how a man once picked stones from the ground. To get the attention of his loved one, he would throw them to her window. She dances beautifully by her grilled window, where the pink tiny flowers she throws from above symbolizes gentle love and affection. He would stroll by each day, until he won her affection. Their love is beautifully portrayed by the mirrored movements and beautiful lifts. However, despite their romance and love for each other, religion becomes the barrier to their love which is portrayed by symbolic clasps of hands in the girl (Buddhist) while her lover, A muslim. Strong in believe, non-negotiable facts lead to the end of this love story. Music of the Erhu gives a very mellow, sad, yet beautiful ambience in this scene.

                                                                 Dance of the Lovers

We sat around a lighted house just a street down from the previous house, where musicians and singers gathered. At first, I found it rather odd. However, when the audiences begun to join performers in clapping and singing; I then realized what this scene was all about. No doubt it consisted of an acoustic electric guitar, erhu and percussion, the response of the audiences brought back what would seem to be like a gathering of crowds, singing happily together years ago. The song selection also represented the Bangsawan play that previously originated from Penang. That sense of cosiness and warmth filled within, as the stories my grandparents told me suddenly appeared so real to me.

We travelled further to another street where we witnessed different scenes. The dancers opened their weaved mats unto the road, their movements so symbolic in association with voice. There and then, we knew that they were delivering to us, the memory of a market scene. Later, they portrayed another form of culture from the Minangkabau, known as the Randai. From a scattered market scene, their mats were curled up, put aside and they gathered in a circle. To begin with, Randai is a traditional form of dance with symbolism of a circle indicating equality to each other, despite race, age or gender. It was clearly portrayed with their vocal 'hep' sounds to dance movements which were in a form of martial arts and contained elements of 'silat' in it. Traditional, powerful, and magical; you could almost feel the ambience building up to its peak.
                                                                        Market scene

                                Dance of the Randai with Martial Arts and Silat movements

It then led to a walking journey of which had a very dark side, back to the pain of the Japanese era. Except, this time, nobody fought. Bodies, taken souls. These could be seen when dancers took up white cloth, covering their bodies and staring straight with the haunted expression. It almost seemed as if they were dead, even if alive, experiencing the lost of souls. This eventually causes depression and death in physical as well. 

As we travelled along the red light district area, a girl sat on the first floor at the edge of the balcony in blood-seductive-red dress. Her movements were sleek bringing to live, the feel of how prostitutes would linger around by the streets at dark of night.

We landed in an open space where the ambience became bright again. Dancers made an entrance on bikes and bicycles. They were dressed colouful, in sports attire portraying our country's championship in the Olympics, ranging from Badminton games to gymnastics. They executed beautiful freezes, splits and stunts heightening up the mood of the audiences. 

Finally, we travelled to the last scene, in a lot called Sekeping Victoria. The building had trees growing in the inside. Dancers were in brownish nature-nude colours, partly indicating closeness to nature. What amused the audiences were the danger of the dances, whereby dancers danced on a high beam-like structure. Dancers were all in freeze and only started joining in one by one. The tension was built and different people were dancing at different places. It was so complex, in a world I couldn't understand. I then realized, that they were relating to the world of today. The scene changed to as one in a night club, and the unexpected part was the pulling of audiences into the performance floor too join them. Audiences then dispersed back to their seats at the change of music. The dancers grouped in a clan, moving together. Some, climbing on each other, being connected all together attempting to climb the flight of stairs together. I'm not too sure what this meant. But in my opinion, I guess that they were sending a message out to the public, to stay hand in hand with one another when passing through hindrances. 

Tonight's performance by Bridges and Kaki Lima was truly an amazing experience. I thought I knew Penang as it was. But for the first time, the painting of the history of Penang came to life. I experienced the horror, joy and pain of people whom I never met, stories which were never told. All that was forbidden and a myth, became a wonderful journey and adventure. Thank you guys for the lovely piece!